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Slavic Chorale
Many Voices. One Soul. With the passion for classical music and ability to unite voice talents, founders of Slavic Chorale took an opportunity to organize new virtuoso choral ensemble, which would specialize in classical as well as deeply cultural music.
The objective to illustrate "many" voices collected in "one" was met by an icon of arranged cubes of red and black colors. The color choice, as well as the inspiration of the logo design derives from the traditional Slavic ornaments, only simplified and stylized. The contents of the website are arranged more formally, but with clean and modern flair. Warm and rich secondary colors complement bright and contrasting logo color pallet, come into play on the web homepage as well as on the posters, fliers and advertising. www.slavicchorale.org

Wellbeing Herbs
New and fully redisigned www.wellbeingherbs.com website. This company is all about health and wellbeing using natural herbs. They specialize in selling Swedish Bitters and different Herbal Health Teas online. I found one of the best essential oils I ever tried on their website imported from Germany. Also had an opportunity to use their Swedish Bitters for 3 month and felt amazing. Check them out www.wellbeingherbs.com

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