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Our Vision

ZestStudios offers a wide range of branding and design services to identify, promote or reinforce your presentation in the business arena, to give your brand fresh life and to enhance it with more value. We service small to medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies.

Moreover, our knowledge and experience in different disciplines of design allows us to embolden and enhance your brand in your environments, interiors, and exhibit shows. Our interior designers, architects and engineers will provide you with complete interior architectural services, reflecting your image, sounding your voice, and meeting all of your functional and aesthetic requirements.

Our services include naming and verbal identity, corporate identity, packaging design, website development and hosting, environmental, architectural and interior design, integrated brand communications and system implementation.

Whatever it might be, a logo for a small floral shop or a complete architectural development for a retailer, all of our great products start with the same conceptual approach: Bright, Intriguing, Captivating. At ZestStudios we are aiming to empower your brand recipe with an important ingredient - flavorful ideas.

Vlad Shevchenko / Founder
Yelena Shevchenko / Principal
Dennis Loboda / Design Director
Vladimir Mitkovsky / Web Designer & Developer
Vladislav Rotar / Designer/Web Designer
Dmitrii Vnukovsky / Designer
Val Klimov / 3D/Video Designer
Dmitry Kovalev / Programmer

Yelena Shevchenko

Yelena Shevchenko

ZestStudios is one of the first
branding and design agencies
servicing the greater Sacramento
area and offering a wide range
of comprehensive branding
development services.
Our company consists
of management and design
teams, collaborating in a flexible
working environment.
With unique international
experiences and multicultural
educational and professional
backgrounds, we are able
to develop effective identity
systems, comprehensive
brands and design materials
for virtually any group
or organization.

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