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November 8, 2010

Project: "Christmas in the Village" Advertising. Client: Town & Country Village / Donahue Schriber
Historical Town & County Village Plaza in Sacramento will be celebrating Christmas Holidays Victorian style this year, but with a fresh, exciting flair. Advertising for the event has been developed to attract holiday lovers of all ages, in particular families with children. After all, Victorian Christmas is all about family, children and magical Christmas toys. Bright popping red, green and shimmering gold colors have been selected to reflect festivity and cheerfulness of the event. Decorative custom fonts used for the logo to reflect the nostalgic look and feel of the era. Special attention was payed to imagery and carefully selected, to appeal to young and young at heart. See advertisement in Sacramento Magazine, other city publication and on the posters around the city.


September 15, 2010

Slavic Chorale
Many Voices. One Soul. With the passion for classical music and ability to unite voice talents, founders of Slavic Chorale took an opportunity to organize new virtuoso choral ensemble, which would specialize in classical as well as deeply cultural music. The objective to illustrate "many" voices collected in "one" was met by an icon of arranged cubes of red and black colors. The color choice, as well as the inspiration of the logo design derives from the traditional Slavic ornaments, only simplified and stylized. The contents of the website are arranged more formally, but with clean and modern flair. Warm and rich secondary colors complement bright and contrasting logo color pallet, come into play on the web homepage as well as on the posters, fliers and advertising. www.slavicchorale.org


July 5, 2010

CedarBrook Website has been launched Spring of 2010. Website features specialties of this serene health retreat, offers on-line shopping experience, provides point of contact by blog, RSS feeds, facebook connections, and newsletter. Browse through Cedarbrooklifestyle.com pages and gather information about originality of the retreat, health programs and its health-building philosophy; register for a class or health program; download product catalog; or connect with CedarBrook founder – Mary Ann Jones.


January 25, 2010

Ettores.com released. Objectives for this project were to build a strong web presence and to reinforce Ettore’s branded product online. Design and Developing process was to achieve few visual and functional goals: reflect warm and welcoming environment of the restaurant online, offer easy access to bakery and restaurant menus and highly requested European cakes, and to offer convenient product ordering online. Our solution includes sizzling color pallet, custom photography by Donahue Photography, administrative access to the site, and PayPal payment options, and other creative solutions. Click here to review this project.


January 15, 2010

CedarBrook Lifestyle Center Corporate Identity
CedarBrook Lifestyle Center is a local health center, internationally accepted and renowned. In the core of the health program are the seven laws of health, which are incorporated in to the identity system in the creative form of icons and design elements. The branches of the tree, which represents "life" and "human" in the logotype, are swaying in the air, surrounded by the "laws of health". This closeness emphasizes the importance of this relationship and balance between human and nature. Next phase in this project is the website development with online store, catalog upload, blog and more.


September 28, 2009

Nicky Cruz
By age 16 Nicky Cruz became a member of the notorious Brooklyn street gang known as the Mau Maus, becoming their leader within six months. Cruz fearlessly ruled the streets as warlord of one of the gangs most dreaded by rivals and police, lost in the cycle of drugs, alcohol, and brutal violence. After meeting David Wilkerson and turning his life around, he has dedicated himself to helping others find the same freedom. He reaches today's youth because they relate to his background, trust his peer authority, and respond to the message of hope he delivers with both passion and conviction. www.nickycruz.org. Nicky Cruz held few lectures in Sacramento in September, including the "Conference for the Family 2009", organized by House of Bread Church. The objective for the project was to create printed advertising, which would reflect the true passionate soul of Nicky and to appeal to young generation as well to anyone who is truly seeking for spiritual freedom.


August 20, 2009

Freshly released project PEMAtv. This exciting project has been in works for over 6 month and consisted of identity and positioning development, video graphics, studio set graphics, website development. PEMA specializes in the production and post-production of faith-based projects for local, national and international Partners. Internet streaming is a television of tomorrow. With a new website set up, quality HD studio recordings, and crisp graphics it is all possible today at PEMAtv.org.


July 6, 2009

Clients like meggansamom.com do not come along too often. Original. Strong. Funny. How often we stumble upon creative and yet professionally developed blogs? This one is an exception. With just enough interest and dimension, all details of logotype, stationary, illustrations, and website were carefully developed, and then revised, revised, and revised again. The outcome, we believe, is very satisfying. Here is a little exercise for your eyes - a gracious star in the logo houses most important things for Meggansamom. If you can find all five, you are ready to read Meggansamom.com blog.


June 18, 2009

The most recent updates to Ettore's Bakery & Restaurant corporate look include: gift cards with coordinated presenters, "Thank you" cards with envelopes, and various templates for internal promotions. All items reflect rich, delicious nature of Ettore's creations and its European heritage. In design development still are the cake boxes, about which we are most excited; new in-store and take-out menus; and flavorful, sizzling ettores.com website. Visit us soon to see new design releases.


September 18, 2008

BackerBack Bakery has launched its first consumer-centered store in Sacramento. Specializing in authentic European Breads, BackerBack has been supplying wholesale baked products to stores and restaurants for over 5 years. This small, comfortable BackerBack store is the first consumer-oriented store in California. The objective was to create a humane brand which will portray the rich heritage of the product and its healthiness; to make it appear accessible and welcoming to its target market base.


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